What Services is Prezmark Offering?

Streamlined, No-Fluff Service To Blow-Up Your Online Presence And Solidify Your Client Relationship

4 Social Media Posts A Week

You will be receiving 4 posts every week posted directly onto your Social Media Profiles. These posts will be created and curated by our financial marketing pros and informed by AI, consisting of:

  • Timely articles analyzed for the highest engagement rates

  • Infographics for client education and interaction

  • Positive Messaging and quotes

  • Calls to action for direct client response

2 Social Media Platforms

You will be able to connect 2 accounts with Prezmark in order to dominate every platform your clients are using. The Social Media Platforms we recommend connecting are Facebook and LinkedIn. These have been shown to have the highest interaction and response rates pertaining to advisors' desired client demographics. 

Individual Territory

When you sign up with Prezmark you will lock in a territory. This means you will be the only advisor in your area that has access to our services. We are here to help you take over your local social media and we want to prove it to you by giving you exclusive access to our system where your business is located.

What is Content Marketing?

The basis of Prezmark is digital content marketing. In short, this means keeping a steady stream of content from your social media accounts in front of your clients. This will build your current relationships and bolster referrals.

The keyword here being steady. Where Advisors tend to fail in content marketing is their lack of consitency, or losing track of their posting objectives. There are sources all over the internet stating they’ll blow up your digital marketing and social media overnight! This is untrue unless you are prepared to shell out untold amounts of money in advertising fees. A truly healthy brand needs a consistent posting schedule in order to organically grow and maintain relationships... something that is not possible through the use of ever more expensive online ads. 

Maintaining consistency can be daunting. 


“What am I going to post today?”


“I don’t know what people would be interested in.”


“How am I going to think of something new to post all the time!”

You won't have to worry about constantly coming up with ideas for your social media after

sign-up. Once your accounts are connected to Prezmark you can sit back and relax knowing there will be four posts on all three of your social media platforms every week. Not only that, but these posts will already be optimized by our AI to ensure the copy and topics will be the most likely to grab a client's attention. 

AI Integration

  • Analyzing and ranking the top performing posts and ads from hundreds of thousands of social media posts

  • Evaluating target audiences that are most likely to act on your content

  • Suggesting improved copy to outperform other posts on client's social media feeds


  • Locating articles and materials that don't interfere with compliance regulations

  • Avoiding topics relating to products or carriers

  • Understanding and tracking the latest enforcement policies