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Click the Accounts Above You wish to set up with Prezmark's software

Select the two social media platforms above to connect with Prezmark. If you have not created an account for one of these platforms you can wait to connect it at a later date. If you're wondering which account you should connect we have listed a description of the page connections below. If you are still unsure which pages to connect with your account please reach out to our team in order for us to assist you. 

We recommend completing this step of the process on a computer rather than a mobile device.

Facebook Page

The Facebook Page option will suit the needs of the majority of our users. This will let you connect any page on your Facebook account whether it be your personal Facebook page, or a separate page you have created for your business.

LinkedIn Profile

The LinkedIn Profile option will pertain to you if you are using a personal account to promote your services on LinkedIn. This option will apply to many of our users as they are the face of their business and have not set up a separate page for their business on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Company Page

The LinkedIn Company Page option will apply to those who have set up a standalone page for their business on LinkedIn. The Facebook Company Page has a few different features than the LinkedIn Profile page, but mainly serves as a way to have one's company be the main point of Contact on the platform.

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