Want to see a sneak peak of the type of posts you'll be receiving on your social media accounts? We've got you covered with examples of the different postings and how they'll actually appear natively in your accounts. These are just a few examples of the 4 weekly posts you'll be receiving on three social media platforms of your choice, and informed by our AI technology to garner the highest interaction rates.


article with discussion sample post.png

Industry Specific Articles With Commentary

Sharing articles on social media is essential to building trust and believability with your clients. It allows you to share ideas and information that isn't always coming from you, showing your clients you have their best interests at heart. With our software we are able to find top performing articles with high share and engagement rankings. This means we know audiences are already interested in the subjects being posted. We then include a synopsis or analysis of the article checked by our AI for the highest engagement rankings based on your audiences. 

inspirational quote sample post.png

Inspirational Messages

Inspirational messages can be a very powerful tool for boosting your page's interactions and getting eyes on your business. But, this has to be done right in order to avoid annoying clients. We make the most of inspirational content by making it brand related and limiting these types of posts to once a week. This way we can reap the benefits of inspirational messaging without getting on clients bad side.

infographic sample post.png

Industry Specific Infographics

Infographics allow you to share something visual and interesting with your clients, while allowing you to break through the clutter of their timeline easily grabbing their attention. Infographics are also more likely to be shared with client's networks. Sharing gives your social media account a huge boost as it tells the algorithm this is a post a lot of people would like to see. This in turn causes the social media site to direct more people to your page. This momentum will quickly start to snowball as even more people will be inclined to share your posts.

Other Platforms

The above examples of posts will be adapted to the other social media platforms you choose to connect. This is because each platform has different requirements for image size, word count, and attached links. We adapt each post to make sure it works perfectly with whatever social media platform you choose to connect.


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