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Do one thing and do it well

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Prezmark is a boutique content marketing group focused solely on Financial Advisors needs. We empower Financial Advisors around the United States to keep in touch with their client base all the while attracting more eyes to their business. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prezmark is 100% founder owned.

Founder Story

Devin Taylor spent years in the insurance industry as both a wholesaler and a digital media manager in the Financial space. During this time he coached countless advisors on building their own marketing plans and digital content blueprints. Focusing on breaking down complicated jargon into simpler terms, Taylor is devoted to creating true understanding with his clients instead of giving them endless amounts of homework to figure out on their own.


Through his experience working with advisors, Taylor came to a realization. Advisors want a simple way to market online without having the brunt of the work placed on their backs. Trends in the online marketing arena are constantly changing. He understood that if his advisors were to take on this task alone it would be a second full-time job.


This realization pushed him to the idea of creating a done-for-you online marketing system for financial advisors. Marketing for advisors requires specific needs and a deep affinity for the type of material to which clients will respond. Taking all of his past knowledge and skills Taylor went to work building a service bringing the power of digital marketing to advisors without them having to lift a finger.


Taylor is laser focused on delivering a streamlined, no-frills product because he knows exactly what his Advisor clients demand.

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